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Let's Make Memories at Memories Beach Bar

Some people even say " If you have never been to Memories Beach Bar when you are in Khao Lak, you haven't seen the pure sense of Khao Lak yet ".

Once you get to Memories beach bar, you would feel the vibes of beach boys and surfers right at the first moment. And it will be the moment you realize why this beach bar is called " Memories Beach Bar ". It's because people come here to make memories.

surf in Khao Lak, Thailand

Memories Surf School

There are few beaches you can surf in Khao Lak, but Memories beach is the most famous for many obvious reasons. Once you get to Memories beach bar, you might be surprised with the number of Thai surfers as surfing is not really famous Thai people but it's getting there.

Besides being surfing bar, Memories beach bar is also surf school with certified instructors.

You can check out about their surf lesson and recently they have bundle promotion with the bungalow few steps away from the beach on their Facebook page here Memories Beach Bar Facebook Page

surfing in khao lak

surfing in khao lak

beach restaurant in khao lak

bungalow on the beach

Memories Bar and Restaurant On The Beach

Memories beach bar is not only surf school, but also bar and restaurant for beach vibes. They serve amazing Thai dishes like world-famous Pad Thai and Memories fried banana with honey on top. For those who are obsessed with Western food, they have a menu full of classic Western dishes like Chicken burger on the beach.

beach restaurant in khao lak

beach restaurant in khao lak

beach restaurant in khao lak

The fact is that everyone gets thirsty at some point, Memories bar makes the best mango shake to solve that thirsty problem for you. And at some point, we all need something fancy on the beach and Shirley Temple is highly recommended choice for the fancy afternoon at the best beach bar in Khao Lak.

cocktail at beach bar in khao lak

cocktail at beach bar in khao lak

The Best Sunset Spot in Khao Lak Yet

uOne thing everyone you meet there would tell you is that you definitely should stay there until sunset time. Sunset at Memories beach bar would show you the real magic of nature. And for the first moment, you would probably not believe your own eyes if that sunset those surfers riding on in the ocean is real right in front of you

Sunset on the beach in Khao Lak

How To Go To Memories Beach Bar from Monkey Dive Hostel

Going to Memories beach bar from Monkey Dive hostel is easy. It would be easy and flat road at the first part until you need to turn left into a small rough road. You just keep going on that rough road and never give up because the final destination would be worth it all.

You may go there with either a taxi which you can find it anywhere on Khao Lak road or a motorbike, only if you know how to ride it well.

Memories beach bar

Adventure in Khao Lak
The promise goes with this writing that you would make a lot of memories that would probably make you keep coming back to this magical beach bar and restaurant with beach boys and surfers vibes called Memories Beach Bar.
Sunset on the beach in Khao Lak

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